Calm your mind and strengthen your body

Yoga is cancelled. We hope to return in May.

What To Expect

All abilities are welcome at my classes

Yoga works with the breath to open and stimulate all parts of the body.

This is a Hatha Yoga session that draws on the Ashtanga principles of Yoga.

There is a theme each week over a rolling 6 week period. 

It is not essential to do all weeks in order, so just come to any class you can.

Each class starts with a relaxation to release any tension held in the body.

There is then a guided sequence of poses.
The lesson normally ends with a short slow breathing session and then a guided meditation to aid healing and relaxation.

Week 1
Shoulder Releasing & Hip Opening
Week 2
Strength Building Arms & Legs
Week 3
Grounding Balance & Breath
Week 4
Strength Building Stomach & Back
Week 5
Hip Opening and Shoulder Releasing
Week 6
Putting it all together, Sun Salutations

Wear comfortable trousers e.g. tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt.

If you have a Yoga mat bring it, otherwise there are mats available.

Bring a blanket for the relaxation session.

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