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Yoga is cancelled. We hope to return in May.


I initially started De-Stress Yoga with Lorraine as I was looking for a low-impact form of exercise, I never expected to thoroughly enjoy the weekly hour and half session so much.  Learning how to breathe deeply and slowly has really helped me during busy stressful days at work.  When struggling to sleep at night, I repeat Lorraine’s deep relaxation technique to myself and before I know it, have fallen back to sleep.  Having the hour and a half as ‘me’ time in a friendly relaxed atmosphere is wonderful.  I also believe that my suppleness and balance has improved through the stretching and balancing poses.  I really would recommend the session to anyone any age wanting to give yoga a try.

- Angela


I've been attending Lorraine's classes for just over a year now and can definitely say I feel the benefits of Yoga. Lorraine lets you work at your own pace with no pressure and there's always a friendly atmosphere. I've learnt to bend and stretch parts I'd forgotten I had and the breathing exercises are a big help too. The relaxation session at the end is always one to look forward to with Lorraine getting us to drift off to our favourite places. Sometimes we do literally drift off we're so relaxed ! Thanks Lorraine I thoroughly enjoy your classes

- Jane Evans


"The yoga sessions with Lorraine are the perfect way to calm and centre you.  Especially as they are on a Wednesday evening, seems to give you boost needed to get through the hectic week.  A relaxed, friendly atmosphere is just the tonic needed to help stretch your body and keep in shape at the same time as letting your mind meditate and let go." 

- Nicky Chowne 
"Since the first time I attended De-stress with Yoga I have felt the benefits in terms of relaxation, calmness and flexibility of limbs.  I regularly attend the class and feel like a million dollars the next day!"    

Nikki Prescott
"I wanted to say I have enjoyed your classes, the deep relaxation techniques stuck in my mind. I am always inspired by what you say and would recommend your class to anyone. It is taught in such a relaxing and therapeutic manner, I certainly feel the difference both physically and spiritually."

- Elaine Hogg

“I was looking for a yoga class to help de-stress so when I came across this one, it seemed ideal. I am thoroughly enjoying the classes and the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation that I feel afterwards.  After some of the classes I have really been aware of having stretched parts that don’t get stretched very often!  Spending one and a half hours on ‘me time’ is a real treat!   There is no pressure to do anything you are unable to and it is a friendly atmosphere.  I am becoming more aware of when I am feeling tense and am then practising the breathing techniques.  On occasions when I am having difficulty getting back to sleep, I have used the relaxation exercises to drift back off!
Thanks Lorraine!”

- Clare Lewis

"The reason I started Yoga was to help me through the menopause as I had a book called Alternative to HRT that stated Yoga was very beneficial, for stress, keeping you fit as this is essential for keeping osteoporoses at bay.  I have now been doing Yoga for over 10 years and the last 2 with Lorraine and Lorraine's Yoga classes have been the best, they really do help with stress, with the relaxation periods in each of the classes.  As Lorraine does a six week course you do not get bored with the same routine each week as the Yoga is varied. Also there is no competition against each other we can do what our bodies allow us to do"

- Val Marjoram
"I find that Yoga brings balance to my life, both physically and mentally.  Lorraine's class, whilst being exacting, is also fun - she helps you achieve the best you can for each pose and explains how the pose is helping your body to be 'the best it can be'.  At the end of each lesson, I feel at peace with the World (in general) and my life (in particular).  Wonderful.  Val Creasey - 62 years young! "

- Valerie Creasey
"Thought I would try and put into words what benefits yoga does for me. It makes me feel thinner the next day. I do the breathing exercises on an aeroplane when I'm about to take off and it really helps. I have the sleep CD and it does relax me before bedtime. I also carry out yoga exercises when I'm unable to sleep and then crawl to bed and sink into it, so that's my relaxation. Yoga is very beneficial to the body and in my opinion it should be on the national curriculum and taught as soon as the children start school. Doing the breathing exercises really calms you down in stressful situations. The most important comment is if I didn't think it was beneficial I wouldn't be there doing it!!!"

- Linda Rennison

“Great day of the week and a good time. By Wednesday I am starting to lag, so the relaxation and exercise sets me up for the rest of the week. You can work to your own standard, and no one compares, and then gradually push yourself to the next level, still can’t do the full lotus – but one day !!

- Geraldine

”Thanks for the lovely yoga sessions so far!”

- Anita

“A wonderful 90 minutes of exercise and relaxation. Lorraine's class exercises the body and calms the mind.”

- Stella Fladgate

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